Dysautonomia Symptoms

Light headed, Vertigo

Pre-Syncope, Syncope

Blood pooling in the limbs


Exercise Intolerance


Tachycardia and/or Bradycardia

Dysregulated Sweating

Brain Fog and Mental Clouding


Unstable Blood Pressure

Nausea and other GI symptoms

Blurry or Double vision

Chest discomfort and/or Palpitations

Shortness of breath

Bowel or Bladder incontinence


The Start of my Dysautonomia Journey.

I was born on July 15th, 1994 at 4:54 pm at Lakepointe Hospital in Rowlett, Texas. I was a healthy baby till the Christmas season of 1994 when my parents took my brother and I to see Santa at Town East Mall. At that time my parents didn’t know that I was born with a genetic disorder which made my immune system permanently compromised. I’m not sure how many days after we saw Santa I woke up with my head swollen and the shape of a football with purple ish skin and a high fever. My parents rushed me to the hospital in Dallas where they did a spinal tap. I was very sick to where I didn’t feel the needle in my spine, some odd minutes or hours later I was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis. Due to how much fluid was in my brain it caused me to have a traumatic brain injury. Since the TBI aka Traumatic Brain Injury it caused me to be developmentally delayed. When I turned 13 I was at school in my Texas history class sleeping during a movie…I ended up waking up out of a dead sleep feeling like I was going to pass out which was the first time I ever felt that. I got up from my desk to go ask my teacher if I could go to the nurse’s office and as I was heading to the door I fainted in front of my whole class and hit my teacher’s desk and trash can with my head. When I became conscious again the police at my school told me I was unconscious for 20 minutes. This is the start of my Dysautonomia Journey. After several cardiologists trying to get answers and a diagnosis, my old pediatrician was able to finally get a name of my condition. When I was about 18 or 19 we finally were able to pin point what condition under Dysautonomia I have which is called Neurocardiogenic Syncope. NCS is an autoimmune disease, I’ve suffered with this condition for about 12 years now. My last cardiologist I saw in Texas before I moved up here to Missouri told my mom and I that there is no fix and no cure for this condition. She also told me due to all of my fainting spells and my high risks of heart attacks and strokes I need to quit soccer in order to save my life. Hearing the soccer thing broke my heart as soccer means a lot to me and it runs in my blood. Soccer was therapy to me as my bio father caused me to have a lot of anger issues so I used soccer to release all that anger. The day I fainted in the 7th grade I made a lot of new friends.